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Hi, I'm Andrew, the founder of Penner Footwear. My wife, Auri, gets blisters in all her flats, so I told her I'd create a pair of flats that wouldn't give her blisters, that wouldn't take time to break in, and that would be her most comfortable shoes she owned. She was doubtful, as she should have been. As a man without firsthand experience with the dreaded heel cutting design of virtually all flats (really all sock-less shoes) I underestimated how difficult these problems would be to solve. In 2015 I attended the London College of Fashion to study shoe making and design. Then I spent the next three years developing a perfect shoe for Auri. Countless prototypes later, Penners are now Auri's go-to shoes! The only pair of flats Auri has ever worn that don't give her blisters without a long break-in period. So when you put them on and you think, "Dang, these really are comfortable", you can thank Auri for going through the very real pain of testing dozens of iterations. We truly hope you love them.